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You probably live in a small apartment which you share with several other people. It is not impossible to find yourself wanting to share an apartment with a friend or two today either because of economic, convenience or other reasons. If you are in such a situation, all you need is a folding mattress. This mattress is easy to fold and even store. It takes little space when folded and this makes it an ideal companion if your living quarters are tiny. Many stores today now feature folding mattresses because many people are looking for a simple and comfortable way in which they can sleep in their homes. These mattresses are also popular among camping lovers.

Many of the folding mattresses can fold in three and this makes it possible to store them in closets. Moreover, the space in the closet which such a mattress occupies is not a lot and this leaves you with room to store other things in the same closet. A folding mattress is a good travelling tool because it will serve you better than even a futon mattress. It will also adequately serve as a saggy couch. This makes the folding mattress an ideal travelling companion. You will also love this mattress because its price is pocket-friendly. When compared to the contemporary mattresses, this mattress proves to be much cheaper given its functionality. Many parents love this mattress because it can be used as a mat for playing children. If you regularly host sleepovers for friends, these are the mattresses to invest in.


Ebay Folding Mattress

Its time to fold your mattress the way you want. Ebay has a collection of folding mattresses that can be folded and used as you like. These are for your sofas, beds and they have a single bed mattress too. So if you don’t ha...

Idealo Folding Mattresses

A UK based website, Idealo helps in comparing prices of any product across more than 21,600 shops. They have folding mattresses with all the information about the product and help you in comparing with other prices too. You may co...

Used Folding Mattress

Gumtree is UK’s popular classifieds site and has ten thousands of ads on its site every week. They have a number of ads on folding mattress for single bed. Some have discounts going on them too. They are very reasonable and ...