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Pillows, just like mattresses, are determinants of a good night’s sleep. When you retire to bed at night, you want to go to sleep almost immediately. One aspect that may determine how fast you fall asleep and the quality of the sleep is a pillow. For this reason, you need one that is well designed to meet your every expectation. A good pillow is designed to give you the support you need whether soft, medium or firm. So, in order to avoid instances where you wake up feeling tired or with neck and back aches, you will need a pillow with qualities such as firmness, varying degrees of thickness and durability. Pillows are available in a broad range and for all sleep positions. These include back, side and stomach. There are also a variety of types which you may take into consideration including maternity pillows, children’s pillows, travel pillows, leg pillows, neck pillows, wedge pillows and contour pillows.

Some pillows are machine washable while others can only be dry-cleaned. Regardless of the type of pillow you use, you need one that is able to hold its shape months down the line or after every wash. When it comes to pillow fills, there are three major categories to choose from. These are memory foam, down and polyester. Memory foam pillows adjust to your body position when you move and are known to reduce head and neck pain. Down pillows are soft and easy to mould. They are long lasting and easy to clean. Polyester pillows, on the other hand, are the most affordable yet still provide comfort and good support.


Argos Pillows

Argos is one of the leading home furnishing store serving the UK. Starting from soft comfy pillows to firm pillows for support, you will find everything under one roof. Engineered with latest sleeping technology, every single prod...

Pillow Advisor

Pillow Advisor is a leading brand in UK selling premium quality pillows at reasonable prices. Each of our pillow is tested before selling. Our huge stock consists of variety of shapes and sizes like foam queen pillow, latex pillow...

Tesco Pillows

Tesco is one of the leading online shopping portals of UK selling plenty of items. If you are looking for good quality pillows to bang on to sound sleep, then you can find them from this store. Starting from anti allergic; V shape...

Duvet & Pillow Warehouse

At Duvet & Pillow Warehouse, we aim at providing high quality; wool; feather and microfiber pillows at pocket friendly prices. Featuring finest natural materials; each of our items speaks of our standard. Visit our website to...

HomeBase Pillows

HomeBase is the online shopping portal of Home Retail Group situated in UK. They stock over 38000 home and garden furnishings catering to 64 million customers every year. A huge range of pillows can be found here. Each of them is ...

Linens Pillows

Are you looking for quality range of pillows in various sizes that are either crafted using natural features or polyester and microfibre? Visit Linens located at Chadderton in UK to get bolster pillows to down pillows, feather pil...

UK Bedding & Pillows

UK Bedding claims them to be the number 1 bed supplier in the hub of UK. They nest a huge selection of pillows in various forms, shapes, colors and sizes. Made of quality materials like foam, latex, feather and cotton, these pillo...

Goldilocks Pillows

A good pillow offers a good sleep. It is necessary to get hold of a comfy pillow from the reputed outlet of Goldilocks at Buckinghamshire in UK. Opt for a comfort and good sleep with the various types of pillows available at our ...

My Duvet & Pillow

If you are in search of some great pillows at attractive rates then come to My Duvet & Pillow located in London, UK. From Cool Flows dream pillows to down pillows and silk pillows, you can avail all from our store. You can al...

Debenhams Pillows

The range of pillows available at Debenhams, located in UK comprises of synthetic pillows, dusk feather and down feather pillows and many more. You can get Fogarty that is a pack comprising of two anti allergy hollowfibre pillows ...