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A waterbed is also called a water mattress or a floatation mattress. Waterbeds came about in the 19th century and they became very popular in the 70s and 80s. However, these mattresses are not popular or even common today but they are still in the market. A waterbed consists of two sections; the hard-sided type and the soft-sided types. These mattresses are unique because they can be inflated using water. Moreover, these mattresses can be packed and stored away. This makes them an ideal companion to use in a wide range of places and situations at home. While it is not a common mattress to find in many bedrooms, you will enjoy using it in selected places besides the bedroom.

Waterbeds are ideal mattresses for use by people suffering from asthma and respiratory allergies. This mattress does not harbor mites and dust and it is the ideal mattress to use if you are looking forward to avoid such elements. This mattress is also good for people who are suffering from back pains. The floatation system in this mattress helps in alleviating back aches. The mattress is also a good one if you have from arthritis. The stiff muscles associated with the condition are alleviated. It is a mattress that is ideally designed to help you relax. The buoyancy that such a mattress offers your body helps you sleep peacefully. Insomnia goes away the moment you start using this mattress. The price of these mattresses is quite low compared to other mattresses in the market. It is, therefore, a mattress which is affordable and which comes with a plethora of health benefits.


Waterbed Online

If you are seeking for innovative and comfortable waterbed in the UK, look no further than Amazon. It is a well-known online shop that provides you an excellent shopping experience, best value and a diverse selection of products o...

The Waterbed Man

Established in 1991, The Waterbed Man has gained the desired success that they have always longed for. They are a retail store that specializes in waterbeds, replacement mattresses and heater, conditioners and vinyl cleaners etc. ...

Ebay Waterbeds

E-Bay is among the top e-commerce companies in the world that enables millions of people to easily buy, sell and pay online on every transaction they make. Be it just a simple waterbed or a bag. You just need to log onto the site ...

Aqua Glow Waterbeds

Looking for carbon classic water bed heater for your persisting back problem? Hurry and visit Aqua Glow Waterbeds in Preston, UK before the sale ends. A premier retail store that specializes in waterbed and accessories are easy to...

The Waterbed Specialist

Your search for the right waterbed can’t get any better when you are at The Waterbed Specialist, Southampton. A totally customer focused company that specializes in all types of waterbed requirements. From new beds to access...

British Waterbed Company

British Waterbed Company has patented many waterbed designs which they distribute all over the UK to top stockiest in the market. Their stockiest include national retailers as well as local and regional waterbed, back care and hea...

Village Waterbeds

Village Waterbeds and Specialty Sleep located in Belfast, UK is a small family run business that caters quality supply of cheap waterbeds. They are a firm believer of customer satisfaction and hence continuously strive to match wi...

Ely Waterbeds

We are always surrounded by work which eventually gives rise to a lot of stress. With such hectic schedule having a good sleep becomes the top priority of the day, but what if the mattress is not well enough? Ely Waterbeds in Mane...

Nottingham Waterbed

Open all days throughout the week Nottingham Waterbed center are renowned for their exclusive quality waterbed supply in UK. Having a collective experience of 30 years, they pride themselves in being Nottingham’s most friend...

SouthWest Waterbeds

SouthWest Waterbeds at Somerset have a record of selling thousands of waterbeds every year, suited for both young and old. The waterbeds are designed such that the water disperses to envelop the posterior every time one lies on it...

Aqua Star Waterbeds

Aqua Star Waterbeds embodies quality, luxury and innovation. Their waterbeds offer the ultimate sleep experience with its up-to-the mark style. So if you don’t want to compromise with your comfort and hygiene then think Aqua...

Uk Water Beds

Thinking of buying a new mattress? Why not consider waterbeds? A waterbed can amaze you with its extensive benefits, best for your health. Waters beds have the capability to practically stimulate weightlessness as it releases the ...

George Street Waterbeds

George Street Waterbeds are a leading waterbed supplier and retailer based in Newport, South Wales; specializing in akva and aqua star waterbeds. A waterbed is a long term investment; make sure it lasts you longer than any other t...

High & Dry Waterbeds

High & Dry Waterbeds are renowned manufacturer of quality hard-side and soft-side waterbeds and waterbed mattress. Supplying national and local retailers and public throughout UK for over 23 years they are a name highly recko...

Simply Waterbeds

Established in 1988, Simply Waterbeds based in the UK is a premier retail store that specializes in quality waterbeds. This company offers a wide choice of waterbeds and accessories at a most affordable range. The friendly staff o...

Waterbed Warehouse

The best part about buying from Waterbed Warehouse in UK is getting a free delivery along with it. Their extensive range of waterbeds and its accessories come with the latest technology, plus a five year guarantee free with each. ...

Swansea Waterbeds

Since early 1991, Swansea Waterbeds have been supplying quality waterbeds and waterbed accessories throughout south-west Wales in UK. They are in a continuous innovation process, trying to bring something new to the table to pleas...