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A chaise lounge chair is unique in very many ways. It is that chair where you can sprawl while you are reading, thinking or just relaxing. It is a chair that beats an armchair in very many ways while at the same time challenging a sofa in an inimitable way. Basically, a chaise lounge resembles a sofa but takes the shape of an elongated chair. For some chaise lounges, the armrests can be present or they may be lacking. As for the support part of the chair, it is slanting backwards and this makes it deliver a reclining chair experience. When this chair started to be made, wood and rattan were the only building materials used. Today, metal and plastic are used in making the chair even though wood remains very popular.

The chaise lounge chair is cleverly designed so as to give you the benefits of a club chair and an ottoman. However, with this chair, the club chair comes enjoined with the ottoman. When buying the chaise lounge chair, one of the most important things to consider is whether you are going to use it indoors or for outdoor. The general design of the chair is that the neck is supported by the leaning-back part while your body is supported by the chair itself. It is indeed a very ideal chair to use when you want to soak in the sun rays or just relax in the house. While it is possible to customize a chaise lounge chair, it is advisable that you don’t change the fundamentals but only touch on the aesthetics of the chair.


Gotham Chaise Lounge

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M&S Chaise Longues

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Furniture Divas

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Loaf Chaise Sofa

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John Lewis Chaise Longue

Whether you want to design your perfect chaise in time for Christmas or just need to shop high quality, stylish chaise longue for your living room, John Lewis is your one-stop-shop in London. They help you find your desired chaise...

Homebase Longue

Homebase is always at the top of all when it comes to the shopping of stylish and luxury chaise longue for your living area in London. They offer you an exclusive selection of chaise longues, carefully handpicked from some of the ...

IKEA Chaise Longues

Shop high quality fabric or leather chaise longue from one of the London’s renowned furniture shops, Ikea and just stretch out your legs and relax. Their chaise longues add a touch of affordable luxury, as well as great com...

Made Chaises

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