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Futons originally came from Japan. When the term futon is used today, it generally means a quilted mattress. You should also note that such a futon should comprise of a spreading mattress and an accompanying duvet. Both the futon components can easily be folded and can be stored. For this reason, the Japanese have been using futons for many years in rooms which during the day are designed to serve a different purpose. The futons are spread on the floor. It was common long ago as it still is to find a room furnished with a futon at night and during the day that same room is used to entertain guests. When compared to the western futons which resemble low lying sofas, one can easily see the difference.

With people all over the world embracing change and different cultural practices, it is not uncommon to find a person in the UK using a futon. Such is the appeal that these Japanese beddings have. The materials used to make a futon can be synthetic batting, cotton or wool. In stores where beddings are sold especially in Japan, you will find a mattress, a duvet and at times a blanket. If you are a camping enthusiast, this is definitely one of the items which can make your outdoor adventures memorable. Many stores in western countries have started stocking futons and many people are buying them. People who love simplicity but at the same time appreciate comfort and bliss often find this bedding item very appealing.


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