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Chesterfield sofas have a high backs which are of the same height as the arms. The sofas are then generously dotted with buttons. The origin of the chesterfield sofa has long been a subject of debate. Some people argue that it was named after the earl of Chesterfield who ordered for a very particular sofa but with very specific instructions. Other people argue that the sofa was named after a place in Derbyshire while others believe that its origin was the unique buttoning and the extraordinary back as well as the height and was first found in Chesterfield. Whatever the origin of this sofa, it was one of the most popular ones in the late 18th and the whole of 19th centuries on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean.

In the 1830s, chesterfields were covered in beautifully crafted fabrics. Later on, leather was the material of choice for most chesterfields. While the technology today is quite advanced when it comes to making the sofa comfortable, in the earlier days, horsehair was used to make the springs in this sofa effective in making it comfortable. Because of the lavish styling and the extravagant use of exotic materials on the chesterfields, its price was normally out of reach for most people. Today, there are several furniture manufacturers making chesterfields and with great success because most people who loved Victorian era furniture are buying them. You can also buy an antique which has been repaired to give the original vitality of a chesterfield. When furnishing your home, chesterfields should be one of the sofas to go for.


Raft Chesterfields

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DoC Chesterfield Sofas

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The Original Sofa Co

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Distinctive Chesterfields

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