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Buying furniture is one of the most hectic things that you can find yourself doing especially if you don’t know exactly what you want. There are countless stores which stock all manner of furniture items. For antique furniture lovers and even those people who are really not sure what they want to pick, the antique stores are the best bet. In these stores, you are guaranteed to find Victorian era, Byzantine, Venetian and even Moorish era pieces. One amusing thing about these furniture pieces is that they are grand in every way thinkable. If you were to accentuate your living room or even your bedroom with the most colourful, well decorated and extravagant pieces of furniture, you needn’t enter a store that stocks modern pieces. Your best bet of finding this kind of furniture is an antique store where you’ll come across countless ancient designer pieces.

The functionality of antique furniture is something that you must bear in mind at all times. Most of these pieces are designed more for their practicality than their elegant appeal. Still, don’t forget that the most flamboyant and space consuming pieces are the antique ones. In earlier centuries, people lived in grandiose mansions, manors and farm houses. As such, the furniture pieces of the day were grand in beauty and space. When you go out to buy an antique item, bear in mind that it is most likely going to be space consuming. The buyer of antique furniture must carefully look into the quality and the authenticity of the pieces they intend to buy.


Park House Antiques

Many people are not sure of where to buy antique furniture from. However, if you are refurbishing your house and thinking of going for a vintage decor, get in touch with Park House Antiques. Being one of the leading furniture sell...

Oliver Charles Antique

If you are fond of vintage decor, you must love antique home decor too. Finding good quality antique furniture can be difficult. However, Oliver Charles, one of the leading furniture sellers in the UK, makes it easy for you to buy...

Antique Furniture London

LF Antiques is a leading furniture shop in London worth visiting if you are looking to buy quality antique decor elements. They have an extensive range of the furniture which includes both Georgian and Victorian furniture. Some of...

Selling Antiques

If you wish to add an element of old world charm to your home, placing antique furniture would be a great way to achieve that look. Selling Antiques, is one of the largest marketplace of antique furniture promises to deliver high ...
01937 583515

Tomlinsons Antique Furniture

Vintage furnishings have a different appeal and will always remain a favourite with people. Tomlinsons, a highly reputed furniture brand is selling uniqueantique furniture and has garnered great popularity with customers in UK. Th...

Jennings Antiques

Do you want a vintage look for your house? If you have a fetish for the vintage decor, Jennings Antiques can provide you with the right antique home decor collection. Being one of the leading old furniture sellers in the UK, Jenni...
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Harrison Antique Furniture

Those, who love the retro themed home decor, will understand the value of the right antique furniture. However, finding the right items may take a little research. Harrison Antique Furniture brings you a wide range of different fu...
020 8995 4166

The Old Cinema Antique

Many of us like the decor of the yesteryears. If you are a fan of retro home decor, you would need to find the perfect antique furniture. The Old Cinema London is the perfect place for you to shop for such furniture. One of the le...
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Antique Oak Furniture

Antique furniture can add a touch of class to your house. If you like vintage decor, you must get in touch with The Oak and Country Furniture Partnership. One of the reputed furniture sellers in the UK, the company believes in pro...

Thakeham Furniture

Are you looking for antique furniture? If you are thinking of giving your house a makeover, this may be the right way of going about it. Get in touch with Thakeham Furniture, one of the best furniture dealers in the UK. Take a loo...
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Elizabeth James Antiques

Antique furniture can easily change the look of your home. If you are looking to give your space a makeover, you may think of buying these timeless pieces of furniture. However, you need to choose your dealer wisely. Elizabeth Jam...
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The Antique Kitchen

The Antique Kitchen is the only place you need to visit if you are planning to revamp your kitchen area and turn it into a vintage place. Based in Norfolk, they have an extensive collection of kitchenware products like cupboards a...