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The French are regarded as some of the most stylish people in the world. From the Riviera all the way to Bordeaux where vineyards are in plenty, the French know exactly how to make life comfortable and beautiful. French homes emanate sensibility and magnificence because of the French furniture they are furnished with. From the earliest days of French furniture invention, the furniture pieces sold in French furniture stores across the world are simply amazing. Depending on your taste and style, you can pick French furniture based on the dates (era) such items were made or based on their design.

If you were to pick a medieval French furniture item such as a sideboard, you would find that such a piece was made with the needs of the people in mind. You can go for Renaissance era furniture items which portray the influence of the Romans and the Greeks on the French culture. As for the Regency era items, you will find that the designs are more inspirational and open unlike those that existed at the time of Louis XV. You could also go for 'country French' furniture items which are more reflective of how the French live their peaceful lives. In these designs, you will love the way the items exude comfort, style, and warmth. Picking the right French furniture piece will require you to have a basic understanding of French furniture history. This way, you’re able to place meaning behind your choice of furniture and can search for particular style and design in each item.


Lucy Willow Furniture

Get mesmerized by witnessing an exclusive collection of French furniture from Lucy Willow. They showcase a wide range of furniture designed in typical French style. Their beautiful collection will definitely add an element of styl...

Oficinia Ainglesa Furniture

Internationally acclaimed brand Oficinia Ainglesa is offering high quality furniture and accessories. Those who love French furniture will be glad to find a unique collection here, all of the latest trends and designs. Visit their...

Melody Maison Furniture

Check out a stunning range of home furnishings and wedding accessories that reflects a vintage look only at Melody Maison in UK. From French boudoir style to perfect candelabras and pictures, we offer everything at our store. One...

Benjamin's Interiors

Benjamin’s Interiors located in UK offers impressive and sophisticated range of French furniture that can make your rooms look stylish and classy. From strong beds to stylish wardrobes, dining tables, kitchen dresses and a l...

French Furniture London

French Furnishing is one of the popular furniture boutiques in London worth visiting if you are looking to buy high end furniture for your home. The furniture features French designs and is one you’d truly love. Check out th...

French Furniture London

There are various furniture stores in London that you can walk into if you are looking to buy elegant French furniture in the UK. The furniture is unique, artistic and one of the best furniture types around. One of the stores that...

French Classics Direct

Beautiful and stylish French furniture designed with a quality multi-layer paint and a color of your choice is available at Classics Direct in UK. Get to see an affordable range of products available at our store. You may also ref...

La Maison Chic Furniture

Come to La Maison Chic in UK to witness quality French furniture obtainable at reasonable prices. The store offers excellent elegant quality furniture that is redesigned in an impressive way. From French mirrors to exclusive gifts...

Bow House Lifestyle

At Bow House Lifestyle, UK, one can catch a glimpse of antiques, contemporary and classic French furniture designed especially according to your needs. Our designers try their best to design products that suit your budget and tast...

Crown French Furniture

Crown French Furniture in UK offers French furniture with a modern twist. Painted in gold, black, mahogany, white, our collections reflect a sophisticated look. From rattan furniture to timber beds, armoires, bedsides, drawers, ch...

Newtons Furnitur

French style bedroom furniture that is available at Newtons Furniture Co in UK provides a range of simply stunning French furniture collections at affordable prices. From subtle to chic and sophisticated range of furniture, get to...

French Bedroom Company

Come to French Bedroom Company in UK, provides elegant and beautiful French furniture at cost effective rates. We also provide some of the best handpicked chic and sophisticated range of designs. You can also browse our online bou...