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You require enough storage space in your kitchen for all your items - from utensils to cookware. Kitchen shelves make a good storage option for majority of appliances and utensils. When designing a new kitchen or remodelling an old one, you could explore new ideas such as open shelving. It improves practicality in the kitchen in that you can store the most commonly used items on them for easy reach. With open shelves, you can easily remember where you placed a particular tool set that you might need to use urgently, without having to check all the cabinets for that particular set. You can also use open shelves to display some of your best collections such as a good china set, glassware or vintage mugs. They are also cost effective compared to closed cabinets. Therefore, buying open shelves is a good idea if your budget doesn’t allow huge spending on cabinets.

Kitchen shelves don’t necessarily have to be of the open plan. You can also opt for closed shelves which tend to keep your kitchen tidy. With these shelves, you can store everything that you wouldn’t like to be displayed or out in the open. They are also the best option for items that are fragile. Alternatively, you can combine both open shelves with closed shelves to give your kitchen a more modern and stylish look. Kitchen shelves, closed or open, keep your kitchen organized. Wall mounted shelving with hooks provides you additional storage where you could suspend towels, pans and other items. It’s therefore a convenient buy for you.

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Shepton Mallet
Wanting to add shelves to your contemporary kitchen? Shelfbar is the place to visit. With a varied collection of kitchen shelves, Alcove, oak, single shelves, floating and shelf bar, they make up the store with the classiest desig...

Wayfair Kitchen Shelves

Wayfair is one of the best place to shop for your kitchen shelves. From different types of shelves to different types to finish to amazing  colours, they have it all. Along with this they have an assorted collection of kitchen sh...
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Tesco Kitchen Shelves

Looking for a one stop shop for all kitchen shelves brands? Tesco is your answer. Providing brands like Watsons, Phoenix, Home Essence, Techstyle and much more, Tesco keeps a check on its price range, taking care of the customers ...

eBay Kitchen Shelves

Looking especially for wooden kitchen shelves to furnish your kitchens with? eBay is the place to go looking for. They have the most exotic collection of shelves which you cannot say no to. From shabby chic to vintage, they have i...
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IKEA Kitchen Shelves

The Ikea store has a wide collection of the perfect add-on accessory, from contemporary to traditional in all patterns. There assorted collection of kitchen shelves includes a wide variety of wall shelves. Their collection include...