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A bean bag chair is a large leather or vinyl sack which is filled with dried beans. The use of bean bags started around mid 20th century. Even though the use of bean bag chairs somehow became almost nonexistent for some decades, they became a trend in the 60s and 70s. Today, these chairs have resurfaced and are made using beans as well as polystyrene beads. These chairs are easy to use especially if you are an adventurous person. The chair follows the contours of your body and easily supports your weight. Indeed, this is a chair that gives you an indulgent feeling. Many people associate the chair with TV watching, basement relaxation and the playing of card games. Given the simplicity and the coziness this chair offers, many people are finding it to be a cool piece of furniture to have in their homes.

The bean bag chair essentially has a sealed bag containing the beans or beads. There is an outer cover which is used to prevent the beads from spilling out. At first, the bean bag chair is very comfortable but after years of use, the beads or beans inside get compressed and there is no space between them. This leads to the chair becoming a bit uncomfortable. For people who have small apartments or for students whose rooms are small, these chairs are ideal. While the chair offers simplicity, it goes without saying that they help tweak a room and to a large extent help make it look stylish if not elegant.


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