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A smart home is guaranteed to offer you security and convenience at all times. It gives home owners plenty of benefits that come with using automation technology and the latest in building techniques. Acquiring a smart home is doable with proper planning. If you already have a home and are considering upgrading it to a smart one, you can plan and schedule a major renovation that will help you retrofit everything that’s needed. There are very many devices that you will need for such a home. These include intercoms, multimedia devices, heating systems, cooling systems, security systems, detectors and alarms, and lighting systems. These systems are usually controlled remotely from any location within the home or outside of the home.

Devices that fall under the access control and intercoms classification include door & gate openers and door speakers. Under security, you can purchase things like wireless outdoor cameras, garage door openers and door bells. Smart homes also offer users energy saving solutions. There are various lighting and appliance control that will enable you make maximum use of resources that are available to you. These include energy saving bulbs, sensors, timers, switches, thermostats, water shut-off, dimmers, plugs and outlets. When it comes to multimedia and entertainment, you’ll need devices such as amplifiers, receivers, speakers, volume control and audio systems for the entire home. Other devices you could add include smoke or carbon monoxide detectors, refrigerators, robotic vacuum, network routers etc. You can shop at established smart home stores for products with the best quality.


Your Smart home

Your Smart home is your one-stop-shop if you a want to create fully automated, technologically advanced, beautiful home. They are leading experts in home technology and automation. Their bespoke installs combine cutting edge techn...

nCube Home

Whether you want to control and monitor your home from anywhere in your absence, do you need saving on your energy bill, or you desire to improve your personal and family security, look no further than nCube Home. You can select t...


Save time, save energy and save money with the range of smart home solutions systems, offered by The HomeWizard. Their products enable you to receive essential updates related to temperature, humidity, rain and wind on your smartp...

Samsung SmartThings

If you are ready to turn your home into a smart home, simply visit Samsung as they offer you SmartThings that let your monitor, control and secure your home from anywhere with your smart phone, tablet and laptop if you have a good...

John Lewis Smart Home

Experience the house of the future, today with the technologically advanced smart home products offered by a renowned store, John Lewis. Their latest and innovative smart devices simplify your life and create a flexible, efficient...

Currys PC World

If you want to create your dream smart home that provides you comfort, security, energy efficiency and convenience at all times, regardless of whether you are at home or outside, your all desires can be fulfilled by visiting Curry...