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The value of something old is very subjective and dependent on the worth an individual places on it. What can be invaluable to you might not be appealing at all to another person. For many people, a furniture item that does not fit in the ‘100+ years’ category of antique class falls under vintage category. Different furniture makers define vintage differently. While some say that the term should be strictly reserved for items that were produced and were popular in a past era, others will say that it can also be anything made today that mimics a past trend. However, most of the vintage furniture enthusiasts put a date tag of between 50 and 100 years to anything in the vintage category.

There are numerous furniture stores where you can buy a vintage bed, coffee table, sofa, or dining set. When it comes to buying a vintage item, you should bear in mind that such a piece has been used in the past and it has flaws of its own. You must, therefore, check for any defects which might affect the functioning of such an item. Vintage furniture will often have some small defects which one should overlook, according to the sellers. However, as a buyer, you should point out the defects and try and get the price of the item lowered. One thing is certain though, when you decide to buy a vintage piece; your house will be transformed from a simple and bland abode to an exciting homely haven.


Vintage Furniture Shop

The Vintage Furniture Shop in UK offers lovely vintage furniture and home accessories that are designed perfectly to suit your budget and style. There are a range of vintage furniture and accessories that are sold both online as w...

Rose & Grey Vintage

Rose & Grey shop in UK offer a range of stunning vintage furniture crafted out of wood and leather that has all the ability to transfer the dining rooms, living rooms, kitchens into a beautiful one. From durable drawer chests...

Little Paris Vintage

Little Paris in UK offers an exciting range of authentic and vintage furniture at affordable costs. The most unique thing about the shop is that, it is entirely cleared out every three weeks, after the arrival of the fresh deliver...

Woodpop Vintage Furniture

The charm of old times will be back in business for your loved household, something that you desired since long. This collection range combines class with creativity with best effect, and you have Woodpop from the UK to justify th...

Vintage Furniture & Crafts

From dressers to bookshelves and occasional tables, get to see all at Vintage Furniture And Crafts in UK. Augment the look of all your rooms with the perfect vintage furniture obtainable from our store. You can also get hold of go...

Judy's Vintage Furniture

Come to Judy’s Vintage Furniture in UK. Here we try and incorporate various types of furniture and home wares in Vintage fair. Get to witness some of the excellent range of vintage furniture at affordable prices. Visit our s...

The Old Cinema

An eclectic collection of fabulously designed vintage furniture items is the signature element that The Old Cinema in the UK is famous for, something that perfectly fits your luxurious living standards. Walk down memory lane with ...

Retro World Online

A complete collection of vintage furniture items and solutions for furnishing is the specialty that Retro World Online maintains for you. Upon visiting our outlets in the UK, you would be enthralled with our exquisite collections ...

Vintage Industrial Furniture

Moving away from contemporary class, you have vowed a separate decoration statement by relying on vintage furniture collections for your production unit. This choice is fully justified, and Vintage Industrial Furniture from the UK...

Pigeon Vintage

Finally, the affordable way out to visit the golden past is here. It’s not time machine travel but vintage furniture that will arrange it for you and Pigeon Vintage in the UK would gladly accept this responsibility. The old ...

Milan Direct Vintage

It’s the everlasting charisma that makes vintage furniture collections a standout from the rest. Especially when you have Milan Direct at your service, expect a treatment with a difference for these delicate pieces of superl...

Vintage Furniture London

Vintage Furnishings is the one place worth visiting if you are looking to buy high quality vintage furniture in the UK. The furniture sold here features elegance and style inspired by themes from the 50s, 60s and 70s. You will lov...

Vintage Furniture London

One of the methods you’d use to add a touch of style into your home is by buying vintage furniture. It’s usually unique in every aspect and is available in various types. You can find this kind of furniture at various ...

Vintage Furniture UK

One of the leading online destination that make it fun and easy for design lovers to buy vintage furniture and home decor is one and only VBF. If you are planning to decor your bedroom with vintage pieces, the site provides you a ...

GN Retro Furniture

GN Furniture is a leading retailer of quality retro furniture in the UK. They stock quite a range of the furniture from renowned furniture brands. The furniture sold here includes occasional tables, dining tables, coffee tables, d...

Vintage Retro

Vintage Retro is a famous place to buy high quality retro furniture in the UK. They sell quite an extensive range of the furniture from different parts including Denmark, Sweden and the UK. The furniture includes those for the bed...

Retro World Furniture

Retro World is one of the most popular retro furniture stores in the UK worth visiting if you are looking to buy high end furniture for your home. They stock quite an extensive of the furniture which features styles from the 50...

Vintage Kitchen Store

The Vintage Kitchen Store is one of the leading retailers of kitchenware and tableware in the UK. They, with their amazing quality of products- made by their expert designers and craftsmen, gives your kitchen an aura of vintage Ki...

Vintage Kitchen Units

Vintage Kitchen Units, located in UK, helps people turn their dreams into reality by transforming their kitchen into something that they have always desired. They turn any kitchen into a ‘Vintage Kitchen’ by providing ...